Grander Earth Has Quaked Before

Hello again, o people who probably don't even read this because my life is boring as heck. I'm back with another scatterbrained pile of nonsense.

We have a liveable house now. The flooring's done, the downstairs bedrooms are sheetrocked, the kitchen is finished, though so far lacking a dishwasher, and we have a cat.

Now, of course, the big thing: public school.
That's right, your girl Sam is no longer homeschooled. I now go to Buffalo Gap High School, and it's surprisingly great (It's still school).

NaNoWriMo! It's coming up fast, and I am very unprepared. But I'll manage, one way or another.

Prepare for unusual deepness from me.

It's been over a year since the move. Over a year since I said goodbye to my dogs, to my home, to a way of life, got on the plane, and flew to America.
Over the past year, the Lord has shown me that He will put me right where he wants me, even if I can't tell that I'm where I need to be. It's all a par…

Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

Iiiiit's Sam, again. At last. As dear Grace would put it, I can now announce my GLORIOUSLY UNPROFESSIONAL RETURN. (Hint hint, go check out her new blog post.)

    As big things go, we now own a house. It needs a lot of cosmetic work, and the yard is still a mess, even after almost a month of working on it (it's been that long already?). The yard is full of poison ivy and thistles, it needs mowing constantly, and pasture in the back is ridiculously overgrown, but we're getting there. As for the house itself, we're putting in hardwood floor, redoing the kitchen, replacing most of the windows, sheetrocking the downstairs bedrooms, putting the laminate flooring from upstairs downstairs (unfortunately), and trying to live in the house all at the same time.

We the Wicked Ones

Long time no........

It's been a while. I'm sorry.

Sooooo.... NaNoWriMo is long since over, and I only got halfway to my word count. :(
We're going house hunting for a permanent house, because this one is a rental, and it's a bit cramped when all five of us are home.
Also, Happy late New Year! (on the last day of January. Huh.)
I'm actually supposed to be doing schoolwork right now, but if I didn't type this up now, I would never get around to it.

I have found my new favorite book series/author: Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. I got the first book about two months ago, and read it in two days, and I just got book two a few days ago, and I'm already more than halfway through it. (In other words, go buy them. You won't regret it.)

On another note, I got throwing knives for Christmas, and I suck. But it's too cold to go out an practice, so I haven't gotten much better. At all.

Oh! That's right, Appleseed. Project…

But now we're stressed out

Hey guys! It's been a while. And yes, I am feeling a bit stressed out right now.Why am I feeling stressed right now, you may ask.Because it's November. And November means NaNoWriMo. And NaNoWriMo means writing a 50k word novel in 30 days. And that's stressful.To those of you who think writing is totally stress-free:No.No.No, it is not stress-free. It is incredibly stressful, especially when you have a deadline, and a word count to reach by that deadline, and school and church and youth group and horseback riding and trips to the library to do around it.Yeah.NaNo causes stress and exhaustion.But any NaNo-er will tell you it's worth it.If they deny it, they're not a true NaNo-er. Trust me. They're not.But, yeah. Other than that, my life has been pretty normal. Oh! Yeah, uh, I've started horseback riding on Mondays, and I participated in my first horse show (y'know, the kind where everyone gets a ribbon?).And be sure to check out my 'NaNoWriMo' pag…

We're off to Never Never Land

Hey, guys! I'm back with another pointless blog post about my life. First off, the title has nothing to do with the post. I've decided to start using song lyrics for the title (mostly because my titles are really crappy), and they may or may not have to do with the post, depending on my mood. I'm in the mood for Metallica (and that line is awesome), so... Anyway, on with the post! Obviously, I should address the fact that we just moved first. Yah. We moved. From Uganda. To the States. Help. Culture shock. Only half a footlocker of clothes. Help. On the bright side,I met up with an old friend of mine, Danielle Gottfried, at her birthday party (which is actually in December, but she wanted a summer party, so...). Okay, one thing I have discovered about the majority of my friends: Fantasy writing. Me, Danielle, and Grace Hurd all write fantasy. How is it, that all the friends I'm still in contact with that I met in my early days as an MK and have know for almost ten ye…


Hey, guys. It's been a while, and I figured it was about time for another boring blog post. Lots of stuff has happened.There was Educational Support Week, more commonly known as ESW or Homeschool Week. ESW is an annual five-day thing, where homeschoolers (mostly people from our mission, Africa Inland Mission) from all over East Africa (and some from farther out) come to the mission boarding school, Rift Valley Academy, to do standardized testing. While we're not in the computer lab testing, we're hiding in the library, hanging out on the playground or outside the cafeteria (which people usually call the cafo), wandering around getting lost, or eating (I misspelled 'eating' five times just now.). On Friday, us Junior-Highers followed someone in our grade around the whole school day because we didn't have testing. Normally, we would have presentations on Friday, but this year they separated the higher grades from the rest (because there were so many of us) and we…

The Antiquorum (Not pronounced the way you think)

Yo, what up?
Sorry for the long wait, my life's been kinda boring for a while, so...

I'll start off by saying I've started writing a new book (I know, I know, I never finished Phoenix Rising, which I have now names Rise of the Phoenix, give me a break!), called The Antiquorum.
^^ The link to the site where I'm posting it
Also, I'm turning 13 IN A WEEK AND A DAY! AHHHH!!!!!
And we move in July, which is only FOUR MONTHS AWAY!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm calm.

Recently, I've downloaded an app called WriteOMeter. It's wonderful, and I've actually been writing whole chapters in a day. That's never happened before, believe it or not. Even better, the app was free! (To all you writers out there: GET IT OR I WILL GET IT FOR YOU!)

(Ida Hunter's my pen name.)