Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

Iiiiit's Sam, again. At last. As dear Grace would put it, I can now announce my GLORIOUSLY UNPROFESSIONAL RETURN. (Hint hint, go check out her new blog post.)

    As big things go, we now own a house. It needs a lot of cosmetic work, and the yard is still a mess, even after almost a month of working on it (it's been that long already?). The yard is full of poison ivy and thistles, it needs mowing constantly, and pasture in the back is ridiculously overgrown, but we're getting there. As for the house itself, we're putting in hardwood floor, redoing the kitchen, replacing most of the windows, sheetrocking the downstairs bedrooms, putting the laminate flooring from upstairs downstairs (unfortunately), and trying to live in the house all at the same time.

The kitchen has bee. gutted, and we have a temporary kitchen set up in the next room until the real kitchen is done. We're getting the professionals to do it, and they're booked til July, though, so it's gonna be a while until we have counters and cabinets.

  In other news, Alex and Beth are here, and Alex has a job at Kroger. I have riding lessons, and am going to a summer riding camp at the stables in July. I'm still writing irregularly, and have an extreme case of writer's block.

  Possibly failed author out



  1. Goooooooo you! Hope everything goes smoothly! (And that I don't jinx you guys... ;)

    1. You'd better not have jinxed us by saying that.


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