What even...?

Okay, so, my friend and I had a photoshoot, because we're weird like that, and she put two of the pictures up on Facebook, tagging my dad. What she didn't know is that that would mean tagging my mother as well. So, now my mother has seen the fruits of a long hot day outside in the African sun. Oh, well.
Do you have any idea how much time and how many e-mails it takes to send over 200 pictures to your friend? I'm uploading more as I type.
Someone's running a weed whacker, and it's driving me crazy.

Is it weird that I have a wedding board on Pinterest even though I'm only 12? Eh, whatever. It will stay there no matter what people think.
And an official thanks to my friend Joanna for giving a bunch of notebooks (I had like, three before. Never a good thing what with all my ideas for novels). I actually have one of them next to me right now. Who knew a pink hardcover composition book would be so wonderful?
Okay, honestly, I feel like I'm rambling, so I'mma shut up now.


  1. Olla! How's it going? I just figured out how to post comments! :)

  2. It's hot. That's... That's all I got.

    1. IS it now? :P Hot here, too. Except we have air conditioning and fans and it's nighttime, so we are AWESOME! Bada-bada-bada-BOOM!

    2. Air conditioning? Oh, sweet jealousy. I still picture the old, termite-eaten container house when I think of Loki.

    3. You should visit--you wouldn't even recognize it! Speaking of visits...

    4. Ah, wish I could. But, ya know, school (homeschool don't got no breaks!), full planes, etc.

    5. Yeah. I know. *sigh* But speaking of visits...

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey, have you checked our thread recently?


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