The Antiquorum (Not pronounced the way you think)

Yo, what up?
Sorry for the long wait, my life's been kinda boring for a while, so...

I'll start off by saying I've started writing a new book (I know, I know, I never finished Phoenix Rising, which I have now names Rise of the Phoenix, give me a break!), called The Antiquorum.
^^ The link to the site where I'm posting it
Also, I'm turning 13 IN A WEEK AND A DAY! AHHHH!!!!!
And we move in July, which is only FOUR MONTHS AWAY!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I'm calm.

Recently, I've downloaded an app called WriteOMeter. It's wonderful, and I've actually been writing whole chapters in a day. That's never happened before, believe it or not. Even better, the app was free! (To all you writers out there: GET IT OR I WILL GET IT FOR YOU!)

(Ida Hunter's my pen name.)


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