We're off to Never Never Land

Hey, guys! I'm back with another pointless blog post about my life. First off, the title has nothing to do with the post. I've decided to start using song lyrics for the title (mostly because my titles are really crappy), and they may or may not have to do with the post, depending on my mood. I'm in the mood for Metallica (and that line is awesome), so... Anyway, on with the post! Obviously, I should address the fact that we just moved first. Yah. We moved. From Uganda. To the States. Help. Culture shock. Only half a footlocker of clothes. Help. On the bright side,I met up with an old friend of mine, Danielle Gottfried, at her birthday party (which is actually in December, but she wanted a summer party, so...). Okay, one thing I have discovered about the majority of my friends: Fantasy writing. Me, Danielle, and Grace Hurd all write fantasy. How is it, that all the friends I'm still in contact with that I met in my early days as an MK and have know for almost ten years All. Write. Fantasy. Moving on... My brother is back in college, and my sister heads off on Saturday. I start school again on the first (yay for late-starting homeschool!), and... Nothing else in that category. My dad has started work. He has two weeks of training before he really starts, but... And... (how many times have I used that in this post? 6?) That's it, really. Bye! -Sam


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