Arua to Entebbe to Nairobi all for midterm.

It's been a while since I last posted. Mainly because the most exciting thing that's happened recently is my cat having kittens.
I'm on the plane as I write, flying from Entebbe to Nairobi to be with my sister over midterm break. Normally, we don't see her for midterm because it's only two days and she goes to school in a different country. But, this is her last one, as she graduates in July. Then, it's off to America,  never to return.
Just kidding, I'll probably come back some day.
I'll get to see my friend and fellow writer, Grace, also known as Grace~Z~Artist. I introduced her in an earlier post, titled, you guessed it, Grace~Z~Artist, in which she messed up my post beautifully by pushing random keys.
Yes, Grace, I'm out for blood.


Enjoy a view of Lake Victoria,  the second largest lake in the world, topped only by Lake Superior in the northern United States.


  1. ZE VAMPIRE!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA--*chokes on evil laugh* *reaches over and flips switch from "insane" to "sorta coherent"* That's better-ish. What's a butterfish?


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