'The Store'

I know what you're thinking. 'Oh, this post is just about her going to the store.'
Hahahaha- no. This is more of... uh... amusing... stories...
You know what, just read on.

So, on Wednesdays, a bunch of missionary ladies in Arua have a Bible Study. Every Wednesday. And, about an hour before the ladies' study, the kids have their own Bible Study. A few months ago, it was decided that all the kids 11+ should have a separate study at a different house. We've been going through a series of videos by Rob Bell, and discussing them, answering questions, etc.
Well, today's video, called 'Store', was about anger. This led to some rather interesting stories. See, one of hte questions was, have you ever gotten so angry that you said or did something you never thought you would ever do before then, or gotten so angry you broke something?

Oh, yesss! Funny (and occasionally painful) stories for everyone!
So, basically, one of the boys apparently put a hole in his door with a baseball bat because he was mad. His brother shoved him a different time, and said boy hit the doorknob- with his eye. (Ouch!)
Oh, and then you have the stories of these two boys' older sisters getting into arguments.
One of the ladies apparently broke someone's arm. She had meant to kick said person, and accidentally hit the arm just right. Or, wrong.

Me? Nah, I didn't contribute. I've never broken something out of anger, except for maybe a bug.


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